New Year, New Chapter, New Journey

In my quest to become an author I decided to dip my toes into the world of blogging. Like everything else along the way, the learning curve was greater than I once thought. Thanks to a stellar web designer and his personally created “how-to video”, I have landed here, hopeful I followed every step correctly and that all of you can actually read this.

So why the blog. Well, it’s simple, I love to write.   And while I want to continue working on Hummingbird sequels and all the other plotlines jotted down in notebooks, I decided that now I must use my love of the written word to reach you in a more personal way.  I am hoping you may relate to my journey, feel inspired to dream, or at the very least smile. In the end, I need all of you so that I can keep writing and publishing the crazy, scary, humorous storylines that I want you all to enjoy.  

And, as I said, this is very, very new to me so please be kind and patient and in return, I promise to be authentic. This is not a fictitious blog. It is real life, front, and center and it’s official! My first post completed. Remember, just starting to dip the toes.  With that, I wish you a Happy New Year, and may you all find yourself on some amazing, awesome new journey in 2021!

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