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Spencer K. Prescott

Spencer K. Prescott was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. As a child, she gravitated towards books involving witches, ghosts, and magic. As an adolescent, she spent many nights reading eerie tales by the light of a candle or hidden behind interlaced fingers, watching another thriller play out on film.


In her college years, professors noted her ability to capture an audience with her elegant sentence structure. With a genuine love for the written word, she spent any free time between working and raising a family, fine-tuning the delicate craft of storytelling.


As an adult, she has focused on weaving tales around ideas that are difficult to reason. The world she constructs is magnificently designed and provides an escape from the mundane. Her characters are equally bold, powerful, mystical, magical, and dangerous.


Hummingbird Broken Wings was born in an attic where she hid alone, with a pack of markers and a giant dry erase board.  It started with a passion for writing, a love of dark fantasy, an interest in the unknown, and a dream to become an author. 

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