The Phenomenon of “SEEING”

What is a Cerulean?

For those who have read Hummingbird, this will be a brief review with a few extra details you may have missed. For those who have not, here is part of the backstory. No spoilers either.

Ceruleans are born with a soul that connects them to the spirit world. They see the dead; they hear their voices; they sense their presence all the time. They must open themselves to the possibilities, listen to the messages coming through, and follow their natural instincts. It’s a gift and sometimes a curse they won’t outgrow. Embrace and learn or succumb to the darkness like others before them.

The literal definition of Cerulean is a deep sky blue color. Its origin is Latin and derived from the word caerulum, or heavens. Book One in the Hummingbird Series is a fictional tale exploring the lives of those who see beyond the veil. Intelligent and intuitive, they are wise beyond their years. But the skill comes at a price as lower vibrating energies seek them out, draw them together and immerse them into an unexpected journey. But they’re not alone, “Charms” or spirit guides who cross over on the wings of magical birds (paying attention yet)  guide and protect them from two different evils. Stalked from a mysterious realm surrounding Allison Creek, Ohio, the Ceruleans confront their origins and accept their destinies or jeopardize the earth, the heavens, and all the souls relying on them for help.

“I spent most of my life believing I was clinically crazy. It was easier than the truth.” —Abby Anderson

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